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Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 4, 2015

Simon hints at new-look SAP for 2015/16 - Antigua Observer

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Head coach of the SAP Football Club, Janiel Simon, has hinted that if he remains with the former Premier Division champions for the 2015/16 domestic season, he plans to expose a number of young and talented players from within the community.

The former national goalkeeper said, however, he would first sit with the club’s executive to plot the way forward.

“I will sit down and have a talk with the club in terms of my personal goal and what I want to achieve. They should be having an election some time soon, so there might be a new executive and a new plot, but I would get more of the young players involved. The team is starting to get a bit old so I think our focus right now is to interject new blood into (it because) we want to win the Premier League …,” he said.

SAP recently returned from Trinidad where they contested Group 2 of the CFU Club Championships, drawing one and losing one of their two matches before exiting the competition.

Simon said one of the major hurdles going into the upcoming season is the issue of sponsorship which he hopes can be rectified in short order.

“We have a few contacts with different sponsors and we have gotten some good results. Nothing has been finalised as yet, to my knowledge, but we are speaking to more than one company. We are hoping that we (can attract) a good sponsor so that we can keep a good relationship,” he said.

SAP finished the 2014/15 Premier Division season in the number three position with 35 points from 18 showings.

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