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Thứ Sáu, 24 tháng 4, 2015

SAP completes third round of its social sabbatical programme in India - Economic Times

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MUMBAI: SAP today announced the completion of the third round of its social sabbatical programme in India. A group of 12 SAP employees from China, USA, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Japan, Argentina and Dubai worked for one month onsite with four non-profit organisations and social ventures in Mumbai to help solve their pressing organisational challenges and set them up for sustainable growth.

The Social Sabbatical is an initiative for social engagement and leadership development for SAP's top talent. As of 2014, the program has activated 304,800 pro-bono service hours by 127 employees from 31 nations, across 40 organisations worldwide. As per feedback received, 98% of client NGOs and social enterprises were satisfied or highly satisfied with the performance and results of the SAP Social Sabbatical teams; 97% would recommend SAP; and 70% implemented at least 80% of the recommendations delivered by the Social Sabbatical teams.

"Leveraging the talent and commitment of our employees through corporate volunteering programs is a key pillar of our corporate social responsibility programs. Through the Social Sabbatical Program, SAP focuses on helping NGOs and social entrepreneurs to unlock their potential to create sustainable economic growth and social impact, and emerge as nation's growth engines" said Alicia Lenze, SAP Global Head of CSR in a release.

While in Mumbai, the SAP Social Sabbatical team has been working with Edubridge Learning, Mumbai Mobile Creches, Paaduks and UnLtd India to help them solve some of their biggest business challenges in the areas of expansion, administration, sales, marketing and controlling:

SAP will next roll out a local pro-bono program in Bangalore in September again with the purpose to leverage the skills and expertise of local employees to solve business challenges of emerging social organisations.

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