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Thứ Năm, 23 tháng 4, 2015

Oracle CEO Hurd cuts loose on Salesforce and SAP - Silicon Valley Business Journal

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David Paul Morris

Mark Hurd, president of Oracle Corp.

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Silicon Valley Business Journal

Mark Hurd, the CEO of Oracle Corp. (Nasdaq: ORCL), was in Boston today to speak before a packed house at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The event, hosted by the Boston College Chief Executives Club, was attended by some of the most powerful and influential decision makers in the region.

Hurd didn’t disappoint, that is unless you happen to work for SAP (NYSE: SAP), (NYSE: CRM) or any other competitors that happened to cross his transom during his brief and at times random address to the crowd. Here are 10 of his more memorable quotes from the event:

On cyberthreats:

“Most cyber attacks are not from nation states. Most, like 95 percent, come from within a company’s four walls.”

On Big Data:

“Big Data, in my opinion, is just lots of data.”

On Oracle founder and chairman Larry Ellison:

Larry Ellison is the most thoughtful man you’ll ever meet.”

On M&A valuations of information technology companies today:

“It’s just silly.”

On the fastest path to becoming a successful entrepreneur:

“If you want to make a lot of money, automate a sticky function.”

On why corporate information technology networks are so complex:

“Applications are so bastardized you can’t fix them.”

On the country that’s driving Oracle’s profit growth:

“The United States is pretty good.”

On his thoughts about Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT):

“What do I think of Microsoft? I think, ahhhh ... I think they’re doing pretty well.”

On diversity in the workplace:

“We don’t legislate. We push it through by example.”


“It’s just a fact: Their earnings, the reason they have a very high earnings ratio, is because they don’t make any money.... There’s no cash flow. So when you look for a category that says ‘cash flow multiplier,’ it says ‘n/a.’ What are they worth right now? $35 billion? Who cares? It’s absurd. But they’re quote-unquote, ‘cool.’ And people ask me for real numbers, they ask, ‘Well, what’s your cash flow?’... What are we worth right now, $190 billion, $180, something like that? And we have to do it with real numbers. It’s crazy, just crazy.”

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