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Thứ Tư, 15 tháng 4, 2015

Materials Coordinator / Change Management Agent - Atlas RFID - Houston, TX

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Internally, we call this person a Jovix™ System Coordinator (JSC). The JSC will represent the Company to the Client and be responsible for providing exceptional customer service, technical support and materials management facilitation to ensure Jovix™ adoption is achieved and the conditions are right for maximizing the Client’s ROI. This is a great opportunity to learn, contribute and grow with us!

Learn more about Jovix here: Responsibilities:

Serve as the Jovix™ subject matter expert to manage all aspects of the Jovix™ system configuration, administration, transaction and data auditing, and user training.

Provide oversight and guidance to ensure users are properly trained and Jovix™ tasks are executed per the agreed upon site procedures

Provide guidance on Jovix™ best practices to facilitate efficient and reliable use of Jovix™

Maintain the Jovix™ System according standard operating procedures and processes outlined for the specific Statement of Work

Enforce the agreed upon SOPs and Work Instructions to ensure transactions are properly executed in order to maintain data integrity and accuracy

Manage Jovix™ Tag Association Plan

Proactively monitor received shipments and RFID tag associations to newly received materials

Manage Withdrawal Requests as they are generated and assist in fulfilling Pick Lists to meet required delivery dates

Collect and dissociate RFID tags from materials once issued to construction

Manage cycling of tags into and out of the system; inspect and log any damages

Run regular inventory sweeps with handheld devices or vehicle mounted readers systems to ensure near real time GPS locations for materials with RFID Tags

Maintain the Jovix™ System configurations according to changes in the jobsite environment and desired processes

Manage the geocoding and updating of jobsite aerial images

Manage the Jovix™ Yards and Zones according to laydown yard boundaries on the jobsite

Manage the Jovix™ Named Locations of jobsite specific storage areas

Identify and Maintain Jovix™ Material Status Rules based on jobsite business logic and materials management procedures

Provide all support for jobsite user roles, permission, and access to the Jovix™ System

Create custom data fields within the software as required by the Client

Maintain configurable data across Jovix™: Employees, Material Types, OS&D Flags, Location Markers & Rules, and Statuses

Maintain Jovix™ Hardware for the jobsite

Perform routine maintenance for the jobsite’s Jovix™ Hardware

Establish and enforce best practices for data synchronization to ensure near real time data is available from mobile transactions

Assist in any first level support for hardware malfunctions or accidental damages

Provide Data Management Assistance for the Jovix™ System – including data inputs and outputs

Provide Jovix™ import templates as needed for Vendor or Client data

Manage routine data imports to support jobsite functions where automation does not exist in current processes

Configure customized data exports from the Jovix™ System as required by the Client

Identify data discrepancies and provide data reconciliation services for resolution

Train jobsite personnel across all aspects of Jovix™ and certify client JSC’s when part of the project plan

Identify the various roles of Jovix™ users and generate appropriate training criteria for their specific roles

Shadow users and conduct on the spot training to correct any identified deficiencies

Provide a detailed training plan for Jovix™ Users that requires participation and confirmation of knowledge acquisition to ensure user proficiency

Certify jobsite JSC’s through an all-encompassing Jovix™ training program when directed by Client

Develop a JSC transition plan when the Atlas JSC is to demobilize and a Client JSC is to take over the Jovix™ System management

Communicate regularly with Client project team members

Provide weekly reports to Client management team to track critical activities and action items

Provide Client specific Jovix™ reports as required by Client

Communicate Release Notes for Jovix™ Upgrades and any impact related to Jovix™ Work Instructions

Identify and communicate new opportunities for additional Jovix™ value based on assessments of dynamic jobsite pain points

Be the liaison between Atlas’ Technical Support Team

Job Qualification Criteria :

1-3 years Construction, Materials Tracking, Materials Coordination, supply chain, or logistics experience strongly preferred

Materials Management software experience preferred (SAP, SPMat)

Proficient in Microsoft Office products (Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

Must have a current passport

Physically fit and capable of periodic physical exertion

Ability to attend job training for 2 weeks in Birmingham, Alabama

Required to pass a periodic drug screening and any other jobsite-required screening or testing procedures

Motivated go-getter who performs exceptionally under stressful conditions

Atlas develops, sells, integrates and supports a sophisticated materials tracking software solution that leverages RFID & mobile...

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