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Thứ Năm, 9 tháng 4, 2015

Future of the Maple Sap Bucket - WCAX

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It has become one of the staples of the local college football season. For the last six years, Norwich and Castleton have battled in the Maple Sap Bucket game, named for the rotating trophy that goes to the winning team.

On Wednesday, Norwich announced they would leave the ECFC conference to join the newly formed NEWMAC, which put the Maple Sap Bucket game into question. Both teams are hopeful that the rivalry game will continue..

"It's great for the kids, it's great for the state of Vermont," said Castleton head coach Tony Volpone. "It's great for the community here, their community up there in Northfield."

"It's critical for us to continue to maintain that relationship," said Norwich head coach Mark Murnyak. "We were really, really hopeful that that game will continue to be on the schedule for years and years and years."

The game has been played at the end of the season, but with new conference alignments come changes in scheduling. Normally the non-conference games are played at the start of the season, but the institutions don't believe the time of the year will change the significance of the game.

"Whether it's being played in September or being played as the last game of the year, I don't really think that will impact it or change it all that much," Volpone said.

No matter the date, for both administrations, playing this game is a sticking point.

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