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Thứ Hai, 9 tháng 3, 2015

Solaris 10 UNIX Administrator - Amick Brown, LLC - Remote, OR

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Amick Brown, LLC is seeking a Solaris 10 UNIX Administrator for our direct client within the Telecommunications/ISP industry.

Start: April 1, 2015

Hours: 20 to 40 hours per week.

Work Location: New Jersey or Remote work is acceptable

Candidate should be flexible to travel on-site (if needed).

If this is a new customer, what is the overall client strategy (e.g. Hosting oppty, land and expand, wedge deal, etc...)

The goal is to provide a very capable resource to address their immediate / short term need. Once we have built some credibility, the goal is to vie for their SAP Hosting and Support needs.

Onboard requirements (background check, drug screening, etc...): Yes

Solaris 10 Unix Administrator

Roles & Responsibilities:

10+ years of experience

Individual must be able to administer and monitor a Solaris10 environment running Solaris zones.

Work closely with SAP team to support and facilitate Oracle and SAP upgrades. Copy files, trouble shoot path issues, perform zone reboots and resolve Unix configuration issues.

Monitor and adjust schedules in a Netbackup environment that utilizes tapes and Data Domain and be able to restore from Netbackup and RMAN.

Be proficient in EMC Timefinder and Power Path. Run Timefinder scripts and be able to use them to restore production databases.

Experience with Sun M5000 and M4000 systems running zones. Must be able to create zones and administer them (halting, booting, rebooting etc.)

Monitor OS and system performance. Login to remote console port and boot a failed server. Open trouble tickets with Oracle/Sun hardware and software support and be able to resolve issues with the vendor.

Monitor disk space utilization and check for Oracle Standby log gaps for DR.

In addition to Solaris10, the ideal candidate would have Oracle skills as well. Especially in the area of Oracle Data Guard which we use for our DR. Also we use EMC TimFinder to back up our production data bases to disk every night. The scripts are already in place but it would be extremely beneficial if the individual understands how to use and restore from BCV’s.

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