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Thứ Sáu, 6 tháng 3, 2015

SAP to Drive IoT Innovation with Multiple Collaborations -

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SAP SE (SAP - Analyst Report) and software firm Jasper entered into a collaboration to simplify the deployment and management of Internet of Things (IoT), a step that is expected to optimize business value for both customers and partners. The alliance is likely to reduce the launch time of IoT services and thereby, maximize monetary benefits for user enterprises.

SAP’s move comes at a most opportune moment, when IoT is set to become the harbinger of the fourth industrial revolution. IoT is a process in which information and communication technologies are utilized to digitize real-world objects, allowing companies to improve service quality and discover new service areas.

Jasper Control Center platform, well known for automating IoT services’ lifecycle, plans to leverage the competence of SAP HANA platform for optimizing service subscription and data usage of user enterprises. The partnership does not come as a surprise, considering the fact that Jasper holds a proven record of transforming 1,600 product businesses into service enterprises. The collaboration is aimed at simplifying the process of deploying IoT solutions, which continues to pose a formidable challenge for enterprises.

Jasper platform utilizes SAP HANA’s expertise to obtain useful insights on Big Data usage and reduce “time to market” for IoT services. Both these factors are expected to drive innovation in IoT.

Apart from the latest collaboration, SAP’s effort to promote IoT is also reflected in its decision to sign an original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”) agreement with T-Systems in a bid to boost networked logistics. Per the agreement, SAP Connected Logistics software was integrated with Connected Car solution of T-Systems to create smartPORT logistics networking. This system is currently being used smoothly by the Hamburg Port. It will allow companies, partners and customers to access any traffic-related information and services of the port from their mobile devices.

This development, aiding the optimization of traffic and logistics process, will render the handling of large volumes of cargo significantly easier. SmartPORT logistics have created an advanced IT platform that is perfectly synchronized with mobile applications, and can be readily used to manage logistics of any hub like airports, parcel distribution centers and production sites.

SAP’s company’s strategy to develop IoT is, however, not exclusive as other key market players like Cisco Systems, Inc. (CSCO - Analyst Report), Ericsson (ERIC - Analyst Report) and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM - Analyst Report) are also working on its improvement as it is billed as the future of service firms.

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