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Thứ Ba, 3 tháng 3, 2015

SAP in the city - Computer Business Review

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by James Nunns| 02 March 2015

Barcelona for You (BCN4U) tourist network utilises the power of SAP HANA.

SAP have been showcasing the latest mobile innovations powered by HANA, using real-time analytics to create the 'real-time economy'.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, CEO Bill McDermott and executive vice president and general manager of Global Mobility Solutions Rick Costanzo announced the company's next big data solution.

The new Barcelona for You (BCN4U) tourist network, developed by SAP for the city of Barcelona, will take advantage of the power and scalability of SAP HANA Cloud Platform mobile services to connect public and private enterprises in Barcelona.

The app solution wants to bring tourists and businesses together by using big data real-time analytics. By entering how much time you have into the app, along with places you want to see, the app can deliver suggested activities.

By utilising IoT devices the app can show what attractions are available and even see what the queuing times are.

Better yet, when you are on your way to a chosen destination you can receive a push alert to say it has closed temporarily, with the app then suggesting nearby alternatives.

For SAP this all comes as part of streamlining access to data for telecoms and creating the real-time economy that benefits the consumer and business.

Rick Costanzo, said: "That is why SAP intends to streamline access to Big Data for telcos, with the deployment option of their choice. They can use information to create innovative new services designed to increase customer retention, reduce churn and drive revenue."

"By developing an industry-specific Big Data solution, we intend to provide our telco customers with simpler, more rapid access to the power of SAP HANA, provide them with the deployment options they need and provide them access to a strong network of application developers."

The app is expected to run on top of SAP City Connect, with the company hoping to target all cities in the future.

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