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Thứ Tư, 4 tháng 3, 2015

SAP adds its weight to the Industrial Internet Consortium - Business Cloud News

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SAP announced a number of Internet of Things partnerships this week

SAP announced a number of Internet of Things partnerships this week

German software giant SAP has joined the Industrial Internet Consortium, an Internet of Things-focused membership group of telcos, research institutes and technology manufacturers focused on developing interoperability standards and common architectures to bridge smart devices, machines, mobile devices and the data they create.

The group, which was co-founded last year by Intel, IBM, AT&T, Cisco and GE among others, is open to any public or private sector organisation. When it launched last year it said it hopes to break down the barriers or silos separating the various sources that generate big data, and improve “integration of the physical and digital worlds.”

SAP, a big proponent of Industry 4.0 – a German-led initiative embracing the concept of more intelligent manufacturing and supply chain operations through IoT – said the move will further support its development of IoT software solutions.

In prepared remarks Michael Lynch, global co-lead, Internet of Things at SAP said: “With the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and next-generation IoT solutions we already bring to our customers, SAP intends to combine the untapped potential of digitization and connectivity that is the cornerstone of the IoT. IIC membership shall ensure that SAP customers can drive value for their business without disruption in harmony with other IoT systems and solutions.”

The company said it will work with the Industrial Internet Consortium, which has attracted over 140 members since its founding a year ago, to deliver use cases, test beds, reference architecture and frameworks and security for IoT applications.

“We are very excited to have SAP become a member of the IIC,” said William Hoffman, president, Industrial Internet Consortium. “SAP is already playing a role in the German-led initiative, Industry 4.0. Now, as an IIC member, they will be able to play a similar role on a global scale.”

The move, announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, comes just one day after SAP struck IoT partnerships with both T-Systems and Jasper.

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