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Thứ Năm, 5 tháng 3, 2015

Maple sap to maple sugar - Bureau County Republican

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TISKILWA — There will be a short presentation on the hobby of backyard sugaring, which is the process of gathering maple sap from the tree and converting it to maple syrup.

The presentation is scheduled for 1 p.m. Sunday, March 8, in the West Park of Tiskilwa, where there will be an active tap in a tree for sap collection.

Information will be presented by John Sims of John’s Tree and Lawn Care and Dennis Taylor of Taylor’s Trees and Turf. Sims has been collecting sap and converting it to maple syrup for about six years now as a hobby, and Taylor is a locally well-known arborist with an extensive knowledge of trees and shrubs.

Topics of discussion will include:

1. When to start tapping and why

2. What trees to tap

3. How big should the tree be, and how many taps can you use per tree

4. Equipment needed for tapping

5. Size of hole in the tree

6. What makes sap flow

7. How does the sap flow from the tree roots to the tree tops and back

8. How much sap will each tap produce

9. Pure sap is approximately 2 percent sugar; syrup is approximately 80 percent sugar

10. How much sap does it take to make one gallon of syrup

11. Options for boiling down the maple sap

12. How to know when the sap is syrup

13. When to quit collecting sap and why

14. How to leave the tree after removing the equipment

This presentation will be held out in the open weather. Dress accordingly. It is hoped that there will be a sampling of maple sap and maple sugar if the weather allows to collect enough.

Anyone interested in attending should R.S.V.P. by calling and leaving a message at John’s Tree and Lawn Care's business phone number at 815-646-4810.

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