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Thứ Bảy, 28 tháng 2, 2015

Move Over Salesforce, SAP Hybris YaaS Is Staking Claim - Forbes

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At last week’s SAP SAP hybris 2015 Global Customer Days in Munich, Germany, hybris, an omni-channel customer engagement and commerce vendor, unveiled a number of announcements including its latest application, hybris Marketing. hybris’ vision is to “deliver contextual, consistent and relevant experiences regardless of channel or device throughout the customer journey”. Following SAP’s affection for three letter acronyms, the entire hybris suite is referred to CEC – Customer Engagement and Commerce.

hybris Marketing is set of omni-channel experience capabilities that, according to Brian Walker, hybris and SAP CEC’s Chief Strategy Officer, “fill a key gap”. Integrated with hybris Commerce Suite, the platform delivers a single view of the customer enabling companies to contextually interact with their customers based on where those buyers are in their journey. Beyond a single view of the customer, Walker stressed that hybris is the new single source of truth within a company as it delivers a single view of orders, products as well as of customers.

The real news didn’t receive as much glitz and promotion but is more significant – it is the introduction of hybris’ YaaS.

YaaS stands for “hybris business platform as a Service” and fills the gap between SaaS and Pass in an emerging category called bPaaS (Gartner’s term). YaaS is key not only to hybris’ strategy but also to SAP’s. Unlike previous acquisitions, Bill McDermott, SAP’s CEO, had the good sense to leave this one alone and allow it to draw in SAP resources and expertise as needed.

YaaS is a new business and development platform build on cloud foundry, which offers developers freedom in the programming language they want to use (i.e., Java,, Ruby or Grails). It enables hybris/SAP to be truly multi-tenant and offers the market a state-of-the-art micro-service architecture upon which to develop an ecosystem of SaaS applications and services. And that is exactly what hybris and SAP want. They plan and have started to develop on top of YaaS to kick start a marketplace that includes SAP, third party and competitor applications.


Sounds like, right? That is exactly what YaaS is – SAP’s answer to Salesforce’s

The YaaS stack resembles but is built on a more robust and technologically current architecture and enables developers to get to market faster.

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