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Thứ Bảy, 31 tháng 1, 2015

Sharks moving minor league team to San Jose's SAP Center - Silicon Valley Business Journal

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Jan 29, 2015, 12:56pm PST

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Here's where the Sharks minor league team will play.

Ryan Fernandez, Associate editor

It's official: The San Jose Sharks will be moving their minor league franchise from Massachusetts to SAP Center in San Jose.

The move of the yet-to-be named American Hockey League development team, currently based in Worcester, is part of a larger plan that creates a new minor league division of five teams that are based in Western North America. The new Pacific Division will include the Sharks club, a Bakersfield team affiliated with the Edmonton Oilers, an Ontario, California club affiliated with the Los Angeles Kings, a San Diego team affiliated with the Anaheim Ducks and a Stockton team affiliated with the Calgary Flames.

The Sharks club move, reported earlier this month by the San Jose Mercury News, will take effect in October.

While any additional entertainment activity in downtown San Jose benefits local businesses, the Sharks' move comes bundled with questions. It remains to be seen how long the minor league team stays, whether their games can draw fans without cannibalizing the main team's fan base and whether ticket sales can generate enough revenue to cover costs.

Other early reports raised issues regarding team branding, room at facilities likely to be shared by both teams, and scheduling problems arising from playing 38 AHL home games at SAP Center in addition to NHL games.

Still, John Tortora, chief operating officer for the San Jose Sharks, is confident the presence of the AHL club will be a boon to his team.

"Having our AHL club playing in close proximity to our NHL club has innumerable benefits for the development for our young players and prospects," Tortora said in a statement. "It also provides an opportunity for the Sharks organization to grow Sharks Territory and enhance our footprint into what is an already hockey-crazy market."

People who want to get on a waiting list for season tickets for the AHL team can pay a deposit of $50. Current Sharks season ticket holders will get first priority.

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