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Thứ Bảy, 31 tháng 1, 2015

Mobily, SAP to run new training program for employment - Arab News

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Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), PSU, and SAP global company, signed a partnership agreement to launch the second batch of the (Mobily SAP) training program for employment, which is one of the approved programs of King Salman bin Abdulaziz for Education for Employment.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Melfi Al-Marzoqi, acting senior executive officer HR Center of Excellence; Ahmed bin Saleh Al-Yamani, PSU director; and Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP Global Company.

This program is a result of Mobily’s efforts to contribute to the development of the Saudi universities graduates and to help them get job opportunities.

Mobily provides the financial and technical support for the program, while SAP will provide a number of advantages for the distinguished university graduates, which is reflected in one year period participation in SAP Learning Hub Customer Edition, which is a cloud software platform allowing access to full package of training from SAP, including training topics and courses on the Internet.

Mobily and SAP already celebrated in September last the graduation of the first batch of graduates of the program consisting of 37 graduates from PSU, after having completed successfully the intensive training program of the academy over a period of 30 weeks.

King Salman program of education for employment is one of the distinctive programs of the PSU Center of Community Services & Continuing Education Center, which has the support of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman.

PSU is the official umbrella for this program under the direct supervision of Prince Abdulaziz bin Mohammed bin Ayyaf, VP, Riyadh Philanthropic Society for Sciences. The program specializes in the rehabilitation of the graduates from Saudi universities of boys and girls who are suffering difficulties in getting a job as a result of lack of skills.

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