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Thứ Bảy, 19 tháng 7, 2014

We Expect a Significant Second Half in Japan: SAP - Bloomberg

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Asia-pacific sap president.

Thanks for joining us.

It was a slight beat in terms of revenue and for operating profit , it was slightly a miss.

But pretty much overall a satisfactory outcome.

Tell us how you got there.

Good morning.

It's certainly the growth engine for growth globally.

We posted 48% growth here in our cloud business and 12% growth in the on premise software.

So we are delighted with those results and delighted to be part of that winning momentum here at sap.

No doubt there is a lot of competition in this space.

We have worked day and nipping at the heels of sap, trying to take market share.

How are you offsetting arrivals?

Here in asia pacific japan, there are a number of elements that sap brings that uniquely differentiates us.

We are delivering cloud services to our customers at scale.

The second is we are doing it profitably.

Our solution is resonating with our customers here in asia very much against our competitors.

We had a company in australia that services the oil and gas industry, to choose the sap on-demand solution in a direct head-to-head against salesforce because it had such a depth of functionality that that company required.

We are seeing the biggest second-quarter growth for sap coming out of the asia-pacific region.

How much is japan's recovery part of that narrative?

Our biggest growth engine was actually australia and new zealand come in southeast asia and korea.

Australia posted triple digit growth for us.

Japan is in recovery mode and we are expecting a significant second half from japan.

We have built a number of our conversations around the strategic imperative to simplify their business and reduce cost.

Talk about the deals that we can expect from asia and sap.

A number of m and a deals that have been happening this past year.

Anymore on the horizon?

That's actually a decision that happens at the board level.

What sap's goal is to simplify for our customers complex business processes and to offer into to end functionality.

So you can see in q2 the fieldglass acquisition, which released into the type of cloud offering we can offer our customers, not just procurement online but also contract labor, effectively covering all the services that a customer will might want to procure.

While i have no insight to what the board is planning in terms of acquisitions, i know that sap is looking at what our customers need, and if acquisition is what we need to achieve that, that will be a decision the board will make.

Celeste acquisition was a web delivering software including a $3.4 billion purchase back in 2012. interesting as to how that part of growth is going to expand in asia.

In terms of strategy, what can you directly influence that we can see in the coming quarters?

One of the elements we can directly influence is some of the innovations we see here in asia.

For instance, the sap platform is an in memory platform that allows customers to operate real-time.

We saw the german football team lift the world cup recently with sap being the 12th man on the field, providing some real-time insight into the sporting movement on the field.

Here in asia, we have similar innovation happening in the arena of sporting.

For instance the calcutta knight riders in india.

I just recently announced a new stadium.

These innovations with partners and organize and -- organizations here in asia are ones that will help you'll our input into the development and acquisition cycle of sap.

Last question for you before i let you go.

Talk about just how much the pent-up demand for businesses has been in terms of capital expenditure, and how much of that recovery in expectation of capital expenditure spending is going to flow through to your business in asia?

I think the wonderful thing about sap is that we have been offering on the cloud the ability to put them into a public cloud environment, allowing companies to actually take on board as a way of delivering cloud software.

We have a strong position in terms of providing backbone software that runs businesses.

We are still seeing the demand for that software here in this market, as companies look to globalize, expand their borders,

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