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Thứ Sáu, 30 tháng 5, 2014

SAP Adds OpenText Archiving To Enterprise Cloud - CruxialCIO

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SAP has made OpenText Archiving available in the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, which provides online access to most SAP software.

Since May 2013, OpenText, an enterprise content management (ECM) software maker, has provided integration with the SAP Business Suite running on the HANA in-memory database.

The latest upgrade lets customers accessing Business Suite through the SAP cloud retrieve historical data within the ECM system.

In addition, SAP and OpenText announced May 29 that users of the latter company's software in Enterprise Cloud would have access starting in July to Tempo Box. The software lets companies access, share and synchronize documents across PCs, smartphones and tablets.

Use Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to more efficiently store and retrieve corporate documents, as well as structured and unstructured data.

"A top priority for CIOs is to address content fragmentation and the lack of governance of ungoverned file sharing," Rodolpho Cardenuto, president of Global Partner Operations at SAP said in a statement.

"Expanding SAP Extended ECM with OpenText Tempo Box will augment core capabilities that are aimed at opening content management to millions of users to help simplify the content management experience."

Including OpenText archiving in the cloud is expected to provide easier access to all digital assets through a "single point of management and workflow integration," SAP said. Tempo Box is expected to reduce corporate risk by ensuring compliance through proper management of enterprise documents.

While SAP software runs on other databases, the vendor promotes HANA as the best product for better application performance. The database speeds up data processing by putting critical information in a computer's main memory for immediate retrieval.

In April, SAP introduced the cloud version of its flagship Business Suite running on HANA. The pricing model for Enterprise Cloud starts with a base price that increases as customers add options, such as applications and predictive analytics.

Enterprise Cloud is available for trial and purchase in sizes ranging from 128GB to 1TB of memory.

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