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Thứ Tư, 30 tháng 4, 2014

Nigerian company implements SAP Business ONE Cloud for operations - HumanIPO

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OneCard Nigeria, a fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company has announced it has implemented SAP Business ONE Cloud for its top up solutions on multiple platforms.

SAP Business ONE Cloud is a cloud-based subscription offering that provides small businesses or subsidiaries of large companies with a single software solution to manage critical business processes.

“We have chosen SAP Business ONE Cloud for our business because it provides a comprehensive and fully integrated offering built on proven best practices. SAP Business ONE Cloud has delivered us a best fit for our unique business requirements,” said OneCard chief executive officer (CEO) Ahmad Baba.

He said the SAP solution was selected after an evaluation of various offerings in the market, as SAP offers a robust platform which is well suited to support the company’s mission to provide positively impacting world class services.

Engineer Kajubi, chief operating officer (COO) of OneCard, said: “We know that we can count on SAP to help our business grow. The ERP engine provided by SAP makes it possible for us to have timely and accurate information all the time. This is a major requirement in today’s business environment.”

OneCard Nigeria provides top-up solutions on multiple platforms for various services like mobile phones, toll fees, transportation, pay television and fuel cards nationwide.

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