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Thứ Hai, 31 tháng 3, 2014

SAP decrees the mobile ten commandments - (blog)

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SAP is a clinical German company with a stoic approach to hard graft and no perceptible sense of humour, right?

Vorsprung durch Technik has its place at SAP for sure, but the firm has a hidden penchant for jocular transgression which surfaces now and then.

So it is then that SAP mobile solutions and product marketing man Adam Stein came to lay down his ten commandments for mobile recently.

SAP likes mobile remember?

SAP bought Sybase, the database firm with its "unwired enterprise" vision... and SAP HANA is increasingly cloud-centric and cloud is mobile and so on etc.

Stein wrote his ten commandments to celebrate Mobile World Congress last month, so here's a summary:


10. Thou shalt not covet thy co-workers device, even if it's really cool -- BYOD policies enforce ownership and usage.

9. No bearing false witness in the mobile world -- falsifying your persona on apps or devices is a bad idea.

8. Borrowing devices with permission is fine -- permanent unauthorised mobile device, app or content use is stealing.

7. Adultery is one step away from pornography -- proper content on corporate devices (BYOD or corporate owned) is essential.

Editorial note: SAP's Stein points out that:

"Web/app content filtering is quickly coming into mobile vogue. New app reputation service offerings are coming to market and rating apps here include Applipedia."

6. Death according to some religions is just an interim state on the spirit escalator -- killing a lost or stolen device is however your God-given right.

5. Honouring your family is good common sense, but how far does mobile honour extend? -- must every piece of content be siloed in windows, Android or iOS ecosystem? No! Variety is the spice of life and should be embraced.

4. Certain days are special in the mobile world -- OS update days, bug fix days, shiny new app days and maybe even a new device days.

3. Vanity belongs to the gods and gossip mags -- the IT dept is not after playing god over your mobile usage, they are simply enforcing a few mobile policies that ensure the company data and your mobile workplace remain in situ.

2. Bearing false mobile devices is verboten (forbidden) -- practice safe mobility and place adequate protection over your devices, apps and content.

1. Users need variety to do their different jobs -- don't let IT become the department of no.

The complete story is linked here.

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