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Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 2, 2014

SAP reinforces cloud to streamline time-to-market and time-to-value - Business News Americas

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German software giant SAP (NYSE: SAP) is increasingly relying on cloud computing to streamline the time-to-market of its products and, consequently, improve their "time-to-value," said SAP's Americas president Rodolpho Cardenuto.

Speaking at the opening of the SAP Forum 2014 in São Paulo, Cardenuto said the company has already managed to reduce the go-to-market time of newly developed products to seven months from around 14 months.

"The fact is that one key way to reduce the time-to-market is to provide things in the cloud. And that's what we are doing, putting everything in the cloud. This, in essence, is SAP's overall market strategy," Cardenuto stressed. He claimed that SAP is currently the second largest company worldwide in terms of cloud revenues and the first for cloud users.

According to the executive however, optimizing the time-to-value, meaning the period for new solutions to reach maturity levels, is more important than reducing the time-to-market of SAP's portfolio.

"Currently, it takes about three years for us to hit 1,000 clients for a new release and product, which we consider our 'time-to-value." The company's portfolio is said to be comprised of around 3,000 products.


Over 11,000 people and 1,000 business partners are said to have registered for the three-day event, which kicked off this Tuesday (Feb 11) with the theme "Anticipating the future of business".

The general focus is the "big four" technological trends: cloud, social, mobility and big data/analytics.

Brazil is seen as strategic for SAP. The country is currently the company's third largest operation worldwide, according to Cardenuto.

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