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Thứ Tư, 19 tháng 2, 2014

SAP launches Startup Forum - Computer Business Review

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by Joe Curtis| 19 February 2014

ERP giant wants more startups based on HANA.

SAP launched its London startup forum today as it tries to drive more value out of its in-memory database by encouraging big data startups to use it.

The ERP firm launched the SAP Startup Forum near Spitalfields this morning, saying it hopes to look outside of the "SAP cocoon" to drive innovation on its HANA database.

Gary Parnell, head of global start-up recruiting, told the audience that it hopes to add more startups to the 1,200 who already use the platform to develop big data-based technology.

"SAP can't do it on their own," he admitted. "SAP cannot have all these ideas within this SAP cocoon. We need to be talking to people outside our walls. Startups are the fuel of what we're doing within SAP.

"We're not looking for a sale, we're not looking for a cheque. We're looking for HANA[-based] big data startups, to make sure this is a win-win situation."

Three early-stage firms specialising in web-based work training and analytics spoke at the event, but while they said they wanted to find out more about HANA, none had concrete ideas of how it would benefit their firms.

Chief Innovation Officer Adrian Simpson recently told CBR: "A lot of what we do in terms of new technology comes from co-innovation."

And Parnell echoed the message, adding that HANA is being used as a development platform for startups working in various big data fields.

Business intelligence and market insight accounted for 25% of those startups, followed by social media/gaming at 17%, predictive analytics at 13% and the internet of things at 10%, he explained.

The SAP Startup Forum continues tomorrow (details here).

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