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Thứ Bảy, 1 tháng 2, 2014

SAP brings the Super Bowl to Broadway - Computer Business Review

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by Claire Vanner| 31 January 2014

Data analytics provides interactive fan experience.

SAP has launched the first NFL Stats Zone on New York's Broadway ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl, using its analytics tools to bring statics and social media data together a centralised visual system.

The state of the art, enclosed space will feature real-time, interactive screens and data analysis and sentiment analysis. SAP aggregates fan insights on social media around the NFL and the Super Bowl and converts into real-time, dynamic data visuals.

The Super Bowl Archive also demonstrates SAP's database proficiency as it provides fans with an innovative view of the history of the Super Bowl and tests their knowledge with interactive trivia.

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"SAP's social media analytics tool (SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase) can access insights from the enormous amount of conversations around the Super Bowl and make all the chatter simpler to understand", said Evan Welsh, senior director at SAP.

"SAP analyses over one million posts from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, micro blogs, social networks and news sites; taking massive amounts of data and providing insights for fans; enhancing the fan experience."

The Super Bowl Fan Wall at the Stats zone uses facial recognition and augmented reality technology to create virtual, customised avatars that can be shared on social media to add to fans' experiences.

"The Super Bowl features a matchup between the two best teams and it appears that their fans are even, as well. Social buzz between the two teams is even at 50. We'll see if that shifts as the week goes on," added Welsh.

"The rallying cries of both teams have featured prominently on social media with Seahawks fans using the #GoHawks hashtag and Broncos fans supporting their team with #UnitedInOrange."

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