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Thứ Ba, 11 tháng 2, 2014

KKR selects SAP for assistance during IPL-7 auction - Zee News

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KKR selects SAP for assistance during IPL-7 auctionBangalore: SAP Labs India and the Kolkata Knight Riders today announced selection of SAP HANA platform to develop a statistical analysis tool that would assist KKR during the Indian Premier League players` auction here on Wednesday.

"The real-time application, named SAP Auction Analytics will enable KKR to evaluate players based on multiple dimensions," Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) MD and CEO Venky Mysore told reporters here.

The platform will enable KKR derive intelligence on the players to be featured in the auction.

It will provide significant insights based on various aspects of the players and a live dashboard of the performance of other teams during the bidding process, Venky said.

The platform, which is capable of running on multiple devices, is custom developed for KKR. "However, its features are extensible and can be used by other teams," he said.

"SAP as a leader in providing innovative software solutions is an ideal partner to equip us with technology that can aid in effective decision making during the auction," he added.

Globally, a growing number of sports leagues, teams, and stadiums work with SAP to develop integrated business management solutions that help them run their businesses.

The SAP for Sports and Entertainment solution portfolio helps the industry run better, from fans to athletes to teams and leagues.


First Published: Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 21:03

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