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Thứ Hai, 20 tháng 1, 2014

Government tenders for SAP and Oracle app support worth up to £120m - ComputerworldUK

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The Cabinet Office, through the Government Procurement Service, has put out a tender for a framework contract for enterprise application support services.

Out of the four lots of work under the contract, two are for the support of Oracle E-Business Suite applications and SAP enterprise applications, respectively.

Under lot three, the government is looking for support services for Oracle Fusion, Hyperion, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and Siebel.

Meanwhile, the fourth lot requires support for other non-specified enterprise software, such as UNIT4 Agresso, IBM Cognos, IBM, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage.

The contract requires the direct provision of support and maintenance for enterprise application software, including services such as break-fix support, developing, testing and implementation of bug fixes, updates, application monitoring and assistance with upgrading or replacing software.

The four-year contract has an estimated value ranging between £12 million and £120 million, depending on the take-up of the framework by public organisations, including schools, councils and NHS bodies. The initial period of the contract is two years, with an option to extend by an additional 48 months.

IT vendors have been under increasing pressure on support costs with third-party support firms such as Rimini Street, claiming to offer discounts of 50 percent on vendor list prices for support.

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