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Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 12, 2013

Pressure on Puducherry to fix cane SAP - The Hindu

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The Hindu Farmers have been urging the administration to convene tripartite talks to fix the price for 2013-14. File Photo

The State Advisory Price (SAP) announced by Tamil Nadu government on sugarcane procurement has put the onus on territorial administration, which is yet to announce it’s SAP for 2013-14.

According to a recent announcement made by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, cane farmers will get Rs. 2,650 per tonne against the Central government’s fair and remunerative price (FRP) of Rs.2,100. The SAP is Rs.550 more than FRP of the Centre. It includes transportation cost of Rs.100 per tonne.

So far, SAP offered by the Puducherry government has generally been above SAP of neighbouring States, except a few years including 2012-13. The territorial administration didn’t fix SAP for 2012-13. Farmers were paid in the name of “advance” for their supply to Cooperative Sugar Mill.

However, despite repeated pleas, the government is yet to fix SAP for 2013-14. It has also not convened tripartite talks to hear the views of mill management and farmers on price acceptable to all stakeholders.

Cane farmers, who were upset with non-fixation of price for 2012-13, have been vociferously demanding the territorial administration to convene the tripartite talks to fix the price for 2013-14. They conducted a series of agitations, including road roko to urge the government fix the price at least this year.

Some farmers went to the Territorial Assembly recently and met Chief Minister N. Rangasamy.

As no positive signal emerged from the government, registered sugarcane cultivators have decided not to send cane to Puducherry mill until the government announces SAP.

R. Ganesan, president, Tamil Nadu Sugarcane Cultivators’ Association, told The Hindu on Wednesday that no registered farmer of Tamil Nadu who sent 70 per cent of cane requirement of Puducherry Cooperative Sugar Mill, would send cane until the demands are met. SAP should be Rs.3,000 per tonne. Puducherry government should also convene tripartite talks immediately.

When contacted, M. Sooran alias Krishnasamy, Chairman of Puducherry Cooperative Sugar Mill, Lingareddipalayam, said that Mr. Rangasamy had promised to fix the date for tripartite talks in a day or two. The issue would be resolved within a few days. The mill would start the crushing season from December 30.

Meanwhile, a senior government official said that the government had already studied all factors over fixing SAP. It was waiting for the stand of Tamil Nadu government on the issue. As Tamil Nadu had fixed Rs.2650 per tonne, SAP in Puducherry might be fixed around Rs.2,700 per tonne.

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