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Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 12, 2013

Now Visualize Your Data With The New SAP Lumira - AOL

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It is always easier to compare and understand statistics if they are presented in a visual form, isn't it? A movie is always fun to watch than reading a novel. Carrying the same idea forward, the SAP Lumira helps you to convert your statistical data into various graphical forms like the pie charts, maps, tables etc. and hence making it easier to analyse.

To make a SAP Lumira file, there are four basic steps that must be followed:

1. Prepare: The SAP Lumira needs a source database which contains the information that needs to be converted to a visualized form. The dataset can be extracted from a Microsoft Excel Worksheet or from a CSV file consisting of records. Once the data is loaded, it can be manipulated according to the requirements for instance, selecting specific members of the dataset etc.

2. Visualize: Visualization of data is the fundamental purpose of this software; naturally this step acquires more importance. Any two members of the dataset can be compared resulting in a pie chart or bar graphs. There are more than 9 different forms in which we can visualize our data.

3. Compose: This step is to summarize the charts, graphs and maps in a single page called the 'cover story.' This can be made more vivid by adding a suitable background picture.

4. Share: Sharing is to export the SAP file that is made, to a specific folder or save it to the SAP Lumira cloud storage.

When asked about the SAP Lumira experience, a third year Mumbai University said, "I had to submit the college festival revenue report to the officials. I had all the raw data ready, as in where the money was spend but to convey it more conveniently I wanted to make pie charts. Previously, I had to manually calculate each section of the chart and enter the data. But with the SAP Lumira, all this was just a click away!"

In a nutshell, SAP Lumira proves to be very effective in dealing with large chunk of data which needs proper comparisons to analyse the idea. For instance, to study a business plan we need to know the exact comparison of the sales in the past few years, its demand in specific regions and many other factors. To analyse all these at a single go, SAP Lumira is the software we all need to work on.

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To download SAP Lumira click here

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