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Thứ Năm, 19 tháng 12, 2013

Attunity acquires SAP partner for a slice of BI, HANA - SiliconANGLE (blog)

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Attunity, a Massachusetts-based developer of data protection and management software, is acquiring Hayes Technology Group to establish a presence in the SAP ecosystem. The German business intelligence giant boasts over 250,000 enterprise customers globally, a growing number of which are adopting the HANA in-memory database in pursuit of faster insights. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hayes is best known for GoldClient, a replication solution specifically designed for moving large volumes of data to and from SAP deployments. Utilizing “ proprietary technology innovations,” the offering helps organizations realize higher returns on their monolithic ERP systems as cloud services continue to alter the economics of IT.

Attunity chairman and CEO Shimon Alon said that the buy will strengthen his firm’s portfolio of data availability products, most notably Change Data Capture (CDC), a logging tool that helps users keep up with fast moving information streams. The software enables real time analytics and integration workloads across a wide range of enterprise data sources, including HANA and NoSQL databases.

The acquisition of Hayes is expected to add approximately $4 million in revenue for Attunity next year.

“We hear a lot about the real-time, interactive query capabilities of in-memory analytic databases,” said Wikibon Principal Analyst Jeff Kelly. “ But these systems are only as ‘real-time’ as the timeliness of the data they analyze. Attunity’s change data capture ensures that new data makes its way to these systems as soon as it becomes available. Attunity’s acquisition of Hayes Technology Group will enable it to extend its CDC capabilities to SAP HANA and the wider SAP ecosystem.”

On the data protection front, Attunity recently introduced a WAN transfer engine that provides “advanced resiliency and three levels of advanced security” for low-bandwidth satellite connections and long-distance replication. The feature was rolled out with the company’s Replicate 3.0 platform alongside a number of other enhancements.

Maria Deutscher is a staff writer for SiliconAngle covering the enterprise cloud space. If you have a story idea or news tip, please send it to @SiliconAngle on Twitter.

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