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Chủ Nhật, 15 tháng 12, 2013

Asia Is Leading Mobile Commerce Growth: SAP - Bloomberg

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Respect to technology and the trends that he sees.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Some of the biggest companies joining us in the world.

What are you gauging from them.

-- them?

We are getting a positive sentiment across asia at the moment.

The japanese mood is up and across china, it is up from what we see historically.

How much of this is an indicator of what we see.

-- see?

We have to know what corporate is, in terms of policy and how i.t. fits into those priorities.

It is a good question and you have to be careful when you look at the numbers.

You have to dig down and asked where that spending is going.

Is he going to traditional infrastructure are moving into the innovation area?

For us and customers, we want to focus on the innovation and the best positivity of the markets.

We are looking at times being hard and spending more in the meantime's rather than the good times.

You are on the right mark there.

It just shifts some of the capital expenditure spending and the flexibility of the applications and services that are given to customers to be more nimble and more dynamic.

It is based on demand and on business.

It is coupled with agility.

What areas of technology are you seeing at the moment and what are we seeing in the next 12 months?

We are seeing a big shift this year around cloud and mobility.

They want to make employees more mobile and engaged in a smart- device way.

We are seeing a big push around big data and i know that big data is a confusing topic.

It is taking enterprise data and marrying it with new sources of data, whether that is social, web law it's -- web logs, and they are getting at with value.

You mentioned japan, we have seen a tankan survey.

From the sap point of view, do you feel the country moving around to next year?

The survey results were good today and it is too early.

Abenomics was a complete success last year and this year.

When you look at the survey, you can dig into the numbers and see the software sentiment breakdown into manufacturing and nonmanufacturing services.

This is a great indication and we're seeing a lot of opportunity.

Mobile payments and mobile commerce is reflected in what we

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