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Thứ Bảy, 16 tháng 11, 2013

SAP Lumira : First Look - AOL

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SAP Lumira : First Look

Analytics is the next big thing in tech field. From winning elections to increasing customer base it is being used everywhere. When data increased and therefore companies databases, they had a lot of information. But it was just information sitting on servers, there was no practical use of it. At this point the use of analytics kicks in. It is able to extract such information from databases that are not evident to naked eyes. Since most of this analysis is provided in a visual manner you are able to get insights that are impossible from text databases.

This stuff sounds very advanced and geeky and to be honest it actually is but SAP has now launched a software which provides this incredible power in hands of students. SAP Lumira as it is called is an analytics software which is very powerful and yet is extremely easy to use. The best part of it is that no programming or scripting is required to run this software. So whether you are an IT student or not you will be able to run this software.

But the question remains why a student would need this software? Suppose you are doing some data heavy research work. You collect lots of data and create an excel file out of it. You have some predetermined facts or benefits that you want to prove with the help of that data. You are using this data as an aid rather than to find something new out of it. And frankly you will not find anything new from a text database if you are not looking for it. Now put this data in Lumira you will not only get what you looking for in a beautiful graphical manner you might also discover/predict something revolutionary that you (and if you are lucky no one else) was not looking for.

For instance I had one simple excel spreadsheet which was an attendance list of a college event. It had name, email, phone number, college name and sex of a student. I thought what possible insights can be gained from this spreadsheet? So in order to test the software I inserted this excel file into Lumira and after some managing, splitting and truncating of data (You can learn about these techniques in SAP Lumira tutorials) I was able to find out which college preferred which mobile service, which sex was using which email service and which college preferred what type of event! Just imagine what I could do with this data if I am a businessman?

Lumira also has a storyboarding/composing tool which lets you present this data is a visual appealing manner. Lumira's cloud services allows you to collaborate with your team members via social networking services.

Lumira is just 250 MB in size but uses a lot of processing power so you need a powerful computer for this software (or it will take a little more time to process your data). Though it can be used on any amount of data but it is more beneficial if have huge amount of varied data.

Lumira is a simple to use analytics tool which includes everything from preparation to composing. A little training and you are good to go. Hope you enjoy using Lumira as much as I did.

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