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Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 11, 2013

SAP AG : SAP Explores Hana Applications in Expanding Medical Market - 4-traders (press release)

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11/27/2013 | 08:15am US/Eastern



By Ursula Quass

SAP AG (SAP) plans to step up its revenue from the medical industry, where the company sees its Hana database management software complementing the research of pharmaceutical firms and medical institutions.

The German software developer has already started applying the Hana system to medical research projects, such as at Berlin's Charite hospital, and is close to generating other new business opportunities, SAP manager Franz Faerber told The Wall Street Journal Deutschland in an interview.

"We assume we'll be able to report the first deals in 2014," said Mr. Faerber, who is responsible for the development of the Hana database system.

As the population of industrial economies ages, new opportunities are generated in human genome and protein analysis, creating a "mass market" for research in these fields, the manager explained.

"The major pharma companies are all potential cooperation partners," Mr. Faerber added. "We've seen interest from [large pharma companies] after holding first discussions with them," he explained, adding SAP is particularly optimistic about the application of its software in human genome analysis.

SAP hasn't yet made concrete revenue projections for the area, but "we might say more when we put out fourth-quarter figures," Mr. Faerber said. Fourth-quarter SAP earnings are due January 21.

SAP's software, which can analyze massive quantities of data in real-time, could help to determine exactly which quantities of medicines are most effective, Mr. Faerber explained. This could reduce the number of ineffective doses for patients. Experts assume, for example, that only about half of chemotherapy treatments are effective. If SAP's software can help reduce the number of ineffective medical doses, it would not only save the health care system cash, but could also help patients avoid a lot of suffering.

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