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Thứ Tư, 20 tháng 11, 2013

Enhance your visualization with SAP Lumira - AOL

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SAP Lumira

Technology is ever so evolving and with every evolution it endeavors to make our life much easier and our work more convenient. Touching not only our lives personally, technology has proved to be a boon even in the commercial space. Today the SAP ERP software is virtually a non-expendable software solution for business enterprises. SAP AG, the German multinational software corporation and the market leader in its space has given the world the enterprise software SAP ERP which manages business operations and customer relations commands nearly 25 percent market share as per 2012 reports.

With businesses spanning across various new and innovative functions, SAP AG is also evolving at every stage and their latest product the SAP Lumira proves nothing less of this evolutionary growth.

SAP Lumira is simply put a data visualization tool which proves to be one of the best available in the market today. Developed from the family of SAP AG, SAP Lumira enables you to combine your data into visualizations in the form of storyboards and organize this data in a more meaningful way.

From the point of view as a business application, the SAP Lumira comes in with advanced features like its direct connectivity with SAP Hana, enhanced data storage on the SAP Lumira Cloud sharing network, advanced options for data extraction from spreadsheets (Excel sheets) and a much easier interface enabling smooth and instant decision making for various business functions like HR, finance, supply-chain etc.

SAP Lumira University Challenge

However having introduced this system tool, with advanced features enabling greater ease, the SAP Lumira makes an excellent tool for students as well. Online tutorials and interactive videos ensure that one doesn't need to have an IT savvy brain to navigate through this tool. Data storage, data visualization and sharing this data are today an integral part of our various assignments and projects which require wide research and gathering of heavy data. Surveys are conducted by us that can easily be converted into a storyboard using the SAP Lumira software thereby enabling a much better derivation and analysis from the data collected. Students can consider playing with analytical tool by simply entering their academic scores and analyzing their trend in a visual format that the Lumira has to offer.

Streamlining this software's functions to the cultural aspect by means of data storage could be in various clubs of colleges for information gathering and creating a warehouse of data. "It was very difficult gathering and storing data for BLAZE 2012 which was highly important for our next year's festival." says the ex-ICHR club president of HR College on data storage issues.

Allowing the students to get a hands-on experience on this tool, the SAP Lumira University Challenge has been organized where students need to log on to this link, download the Lumira software, explore the software through its tutorials and upload data on to the software. To submit their entry, students need to send in their entries at Attractive prizes are on offer for the winners with the best storyboard of data through this data visualization tool.

As commercial organizations have willingly accepted the invent of SAP and virtual recording and analyzing of data, colleges, schools and other institutions too should shift their focus on harnessing analytical tools as efficient as the SAP Lumira for registering applications, recording and analyzing attendances, and other administration chores.

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