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Thứ Tư, 27 tháng 11, 2013

Acando AB : NEW AG: New SAP ERP System Makes Accounting and Logistics ... - 4-traders (press release)

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NEW AG: New SAP ERP System Makes Accounting and Logistics Even More Efficient

New general ledger and process design by Acando and Stellwerk

The company NEW AG based in Mönchengladbach has rolled out a new SAP ERP system with support from Stellwerk and Acando. Alongside economic considerations, the old system was replaced in order to redesign logistics and accounting processes and to introduce SAP New General Ledger.

NEW AG (Niederrhein Energie und Wasser) had been using SAP ERP in combination with the industry solution IS-U. Acquisitions, spinoffs, and restructurings, however, had led to a considerable expansion of structures. SAP New GL is to be introduced in accounting as well. "Our primary goal was to realize an efficient and precise system, optimally made for the reporting and invoicing regulations faced by utility firms," said Michael Theisejans, Head of Accounting and Tax at NEW AG, in discussing the department's requirements.

The Management and IT consultancy Acando GmbH and accounting specialist Stellwerk Consulting GmbH devised the implementation of the new system. "This reworking allowed us to significantly cut back on what used to be 2,500 individual developments and thus return to the standard. NEW AG now has more efficient logistics and accounting processes and a sustainable system," said Acando Project Manager Werner von den Driesch. The consultancy conducted the design and the coaching of the staff. The project was managed jointly with the accounting and tax department and the IT department at NEW AG. Logistics processes were upgraded to meet the latest standards by optimizing internal billing processes as well as harmonizing vendor and customer records and master data.

Converting accounting over to the SAP New GL ledger solution brought about a uniform chart of accounts meeting the many reporting requirements. "The new system meets all of the requirements applicable to utility firms. Activity balance and consolidated data are mapped, and parallel accounting is provided, which is required under four relevant regulations," said Detlef Schreiner, Project Manager at Stellwerk Consulting, about the accounting-related changes.

The successful teamwork by NEW AG and the two service providers made it possible for the new SAP system to go live after only one year of project work. NEW AG's main operational benefits are clearer organizational structures, better-organized master data, and a high degree of automation in posting processes.

Further information is available from:

Peter Ostrop, Member of Management Board Germany, Acando GmbH

+49 (0)40 822259-155

Nicole Segerer, Marketing Manager, Acando GmbH, +49 (0)40 822259-205

About NEW AG

NEW AG supplies about 370,000 customers with electricity, 140,000 with gas, and 100,000 with water. NEW AG is an innovative, regional provider of energy and water and a range of related services and is committed to doing business with customers as a partner. The company's regional services even include public transportation, with 230 buses, and the operation of seven indoor and outdoor swimming pool facilities. NEW AG sponsors cultural, social, and sports projects within the region and is a major employer with nearly 2,000 members of staff. The local economy benefits substantially from about 60 million euros in capital investments NEW AG makes

About Acando

Acando is a consultancy company that in partnership with its clients identifies and implements sustainable business improvements through information enabled by technology. Acando provides a balance of high business value, short project times and low total cost. Acando's annual turnover is about EUR 170 million and the Group employs approximately 1,100 professionals in five European countries. Acando is listed at NASDAQ OMX Nordic. Acando's corporate culture is based on three core values: Team spirit, Passion and

About Stellwerk Consulting

Founded in 1999, STELLWERK Consulting GmbH specializes in SAP® consulting for accounting and risk management. The firm focuses on compliance with the latest legal requirements, such as the introduction of the electronic tax balance sheet and implementing the uniform European payments protocol (SEPA) alongside classic issues pertaining to accounting, reporting, consolidation, and planning. STELLWERK also helps customers design and effectively implement GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) functionalities in an SAP environment. The company's full-service offering ranges from design, realization, and support to project management and quality assurance for launches, roll-outs, migrations, and release changes. The STELLWERK method is effective for achieving defined objectives, conforming to timelines, and adhering to budgets - maximizing reliability and the value added by the SAP® PDF-format: See the press release as pdf

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