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Chủ Nhật, 29 tháng 9, 2013

Siemens Appoints a Director From SAP - New York Times

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FRANKFURT — The German engineering company Siemens is appointing the co-chief executive of the business software maker SAP to its board to replace Josef Ackermann, who resigned after the board’s decision to push out the company’s chief executive, Peter Löscher.

The appointment was one of several changes in top Siemens management announced on Wednesday as the company tries to move past the upheaval surrounding Mr. Löscher’s departure in July.

Mr. Ackermann, 65, will be replaced by Jim Hagemann Snabe, who remains the top executive at SAP, but has said he plans to leave that post next year for a seat on that company’s board.

Mr. Ackermann, the former head of Deutsche Bank and one of Germany’s best-known business figures, left the Siemens board last week, citing “questions of style and fairness” in the company’s dealings after the board had Mr. Löscher removed. German news reports said Mr. Ackermann had opposed the board’s decision to oust Mr. Löscher and replace him with Joe Kaeser, then the company’s chief financial officer, after Siemens missed several profit targets.

On Wednesday, Siemens named Ralf P. Thomas to succeed Mr. Kaeser as chief financial officer. Mr. Thomas has been the finance chief of the company’s industry division.

Siemens is a pillar of the German economy, and its boardroom turmoil drew the attention of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who thought it was important for the company to “return to calm waters,” according to her spokesman. The company, based in Munich, has 370,000 employees worldwide and makes heavy-duty industrial goods, including power turbines, locomotives and medical imaging devices. It is a rival to General Electric.

The chairman of the Siemens board, Gerhard Cromme, said Mr. Snabe, 47, would bring knowledge of software and computer technology.

“In view of the growing strategic importance of digitalization for Siemens’s core businesses, we are adding to the technology and software competence of the supervisory board,” Mr. Cromme said in a statement. “We are gaining an internationally respected expert in this area.”

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