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Thứ Hai, 30 tháng 9, 2013

Memorandum of Understanding Signed between WFT Cloud and PSGIM for ... - PR Web (press release)

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(PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Wharfedale Technologies Inc., (WFT Cloud) a global leader in enterprise SAP Cloud solutions, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the 22nd of July 2013 with PSGIM for imparting training on SAP modules, through cloud model. This SAP training would add value to their employable skills. Students can get trained at their own pace and practice from their rooms, at an affordable and reasonable cost.

PSGIM is one of the 23 institutions run by the PSG & Sons’ Charities Trust, a pioneering champion of quality education. Over the last 86 years, the institution has helped to educate over 300,000 students in several disciplines. PSG IM started off in 1966 as the Department of Management Sciences at the PSG College of Technology. PSG Tech is renowned in its own right and has alumni in esteemed positions all over the world. By 1995, PSGIM had evolved into a full-fledged, autonomous management institute, affiliated to the Anna University of Tamil Nadu. Today, the institution offers full time and part time MBA programs in Management, PG Diploma in Management and Doctoral Program in Management.

The MOU was signed by Mr.Ganesh Radhakrishnan, CEO, of WFT Cloud, USA and Dr.R.Nandagopal, Director, PSGIM. This SAP training would support MBA students of PSGIM to become SMART MANAGERS. SAP has already been running both cloud and software as a service, or SAAS, projects. With HANA in the cloud, however, SAP is moving much more into offering insight online, either directly to its customers, or as a service to end-users. The SAP training offered by WFT Cloud is a leading edge technological degree with business management. In addition, those who are successful in this course will have the strategic knowledge, insight and understanding to become a successful leader in this highly technical area. Alternatively they will have been introduced to the concept of enterprise and may opt to start their own business in the Cloud domain.

A recent Gartner survey projects a global demand of 14 million jobs by the end of 2016 with an expected market value of about $75 billion. While there is a great future potential, there is expected to be a huge gap between supply and demand to meet the needs of the market. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for the graduates of this course.

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