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Thứ Ba, 24 tháng 9, 2013

First batch of SAP - ITA Mawared Program graduated -

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Not only aiming to boost graduate employment prospects, but to foster, empower and secure the Omani market with the best possible talents in ICT, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) and SAP, the world's largest business software company, together celebrate the graduation of the first batch to have successfully finished the three-month innovative Mawared Training Program. Nineteen internationally certified graduates out of 20 in total were recently honored during a ceremony held recently in the presence of Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of ITA and Ms. Marita Mitschein, Managing Director, SAP Training & Development Institute, Senior Vice President and Growth Plan Lead for SAP Middle East & North Africa, at the ITA headquarters.

Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of ITA says: "This training program comes at a vital time to meet the current needs of the market in the Sultanate. Supervised by SAP, the graduates of this program are truly qualified to make their way to the private sector and in particular businesses utilizing similar ERP-based systems. Hence, now is the time for the private sector to endorse these talents and take them forward."

As to whether or not this training program could be of an added value to the current market needs in future, Dr. Al Ruzaiqi responds: "We are aware of the market demands. A second batch of the same program has already been planned and will start in early November. This is a growing and promising market, not only in the region but here in Oman too. There are 5 Omani talents who are currently working abroad in coordination with SAP. It is time to bring them back and start appreciating our local capabilities."

"We are so proud of these young Omani graduates who have successfully completed the SAP Mawared Program," says Managing Director, SAP Training & Development Institute, Senior Vice President and Growth Plan Lead for SAP Middle East & North Africa, Ms. Marita Mitschein. She further explains about the nature of this program: "An SAP certification is the ideal way for businesses to assess and verify that consultants have the required skills to effectively implement and operate SAP solutions. An estimated 80% of the top 1,000 companies ranked by Forbes run on SAP, and the SAP Mawared Program for young local professionals has a clear objective to support local and global businesses operating in the region to achieve new levels of success. These talented young Omani graduates have the chance to contribute in making a difference across industries and the economy at large.

"Young professionals from Oman who would like to enter into a career with global possibilities are encouraged to enroll into the SAP Mawared Program. The next SAP Mawared program is scheduled to take place in Muscat starting 3rd November and graduates from Muscat, Salalah, Sohar and beyond are welcome to apply for the SAP Mawared Training Program by sending their CV to

Meeting one of the SAP Mawared Program graduates, Aisha Abdullah Al-Beriki, a Software Technology student from Middle East College and recently certified SAP-graduate, comments on behalf of her fellow graduates: "SAP stands for System Application Product which is considered to be the first solution for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). SAP provided us with the opportunity to enroll in an extensively rich and informative Mawared program. During this 3-month-program, we have learnt how to balance between the two important factors of success in any organization, which are time and money. We have also been provided with accurate and specific data to do with resource planning and structuring. Among many other interesting parts of the training, we have also covered Business and Financial accounting methods and operations."

Interestingly, two graduates of the program have thought about establishing their own enterprises. Fawaz Abdullah Al Mukhaini, an ambitious young man speaks about his business idea: "I am in the process of finalizing the set-up of my innovative new idea to create a platform for open source programming products. I have already completed my business plan and strategy. Currently I am trying to seek technical support from various companies to officially launch my new company. I am discussing with SAP the possibility to provide me and possibly other startups with SAP Business One exposure and access to help me out in running my business. Based on my observation of the market needs, this idea came to me as a way to provide a comprehensive service platform.

It is important to mention that this program resulted from a MoU between ITA and SAP to enable both parties to collaborate on plans to improve the Mawared Program's effectiveness across the Sultanate, including the potential to subsidize additional students.

In late April, the joint Mawared collaboration fostered the enrolment of 20 talented SAP-sponsored Omani graduates, out of a total 300 applicants, with a second batch of 20 students expected to enroll in Q4 of 2013. The world-class 3 months of intensive training on SAP Technology will prepare these students with a competitive edge for the job market, through teaching essential business, IT and leadership skills. Training will include hands-on project experience and will encompass everything from negotiation and communication to conflict management and "design thinking". In addition, the initiative will offer SAP certifications on associate level in core business and industry solutions. Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) and Oman Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries Company (ORPIC) have already benefited from a pilot version of the SAP Mawared programme.

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