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Thứ Tư, 21 tháng 8, 2013

WCI Consulting Provides Affordable SAP BusinessObjects Online Training ... - PR Web (press release)

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 21, 2013

SURS (State Universities Retirement System), a public pension system in Illinois that provides benefits to state university and community college employees, recently converted to SAP BusinessObjects for their business intelligence needs. After the switch, Doug Steele, Director of Applications and Research, recognized that SAP BusinessObjects online training would be essential. Steele knew that bringing in a consultant to provide training would be expensive. Sending employees to a lengthy training course would also be costly and result in days of downtime. He sought a solution that was value focused, accessible remotely and flexible enough to accommodate his team’s existing work load. He found exactly what he was looking for with Instant Access from WCI Consulting.

WCI Consulting provided SURS with an online training program that was customized to their existing environment so that all topics covered in training could be directly related to the day-to-day operations at SURS. Instant Access from WCI Consulting featured Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced online training modules covering topics on Dashboards, Web Intelligence, Explorer, Crystal Reports, Universe Training, Data Services and more. A key draw for Steele was that Instant Access is also available after training sessions for ad-hoc questions. This meant that if something came up weeks or months later, SURS would be able to use Instant Access to ask for support for no extra charge.

After several months of SAP BusinessObjects online training through Instant Access, Doug Steele noted that “the online training sessions were an effective use of my time and I didn’t have to worry about asking all of the questions then and there, as I knew I had Instant Access to aid me whenever they did come up.” He admitted that “even the most complicated scenarios were able to be resolved. I thought I would have them stumped, but they always came back with a solution.”

Unlike traditional training models, Instant Access provided SURS with online SAP BusinessObjects training that fit their existing schedule, was customized to their environment and provided real-time problem resolution when further questions were asked. For SURS, receiving online training tailored to their environment resulted in enhanced productivity and increased end user adoption. “Instant Access from WCI Consulting is there to help with SAP BusinessObjects whenever we need it. It’s very simple to start a dialogue and we never have to put off an issue to be dealt with later.” said Doug Steele.

For more information about how SURS is using Instant Access from WCI Consulting, visit

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About Instant Access from WCI Consulting:

Backed by the business intelligence experts at WCI Consulting, Instant Access has evolved out of WCI’s 13 years of experience in assisting BI customers with the challenge of getting data to decision makers. Instant Access provides affordable BI consulting, training and support that results in enhanced end user adoption and increased productivity.

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