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Thứ Ba, 20 tháng 8, 2013

Rapid Consulting Optimizes SAP Afaria to Run on Windows 8 - San Francisco Chronicle (press release)

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SAP's MDM software, Afaria, integrates with Windows 8 operating system.

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

The original version of SAP Afaria would probably be unrecognizeable to most middleware administrators today. Released in 1997, version 1.0 of the popular Afaria mobile device management program was called SessionXpress, and was used entirely for the management of Windows computers (you know the ones: the big, boxy gray computers with Windows 95 on them). As of April 2012, the program is in version 7.0 and is usually used to control mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. It’s the program bosses love but employees hate: using Afaria, an administrator can restrict or completely shut down core principles in a device (such as access to the camera, data restrictions, etc.) to maximize efficiency and security.

However, the difficulty of working Afaria with iOS devices is a common problem for developers like we here at Rapid. You have to jump through some pretty annoying hoops to get Afaria to be compatible with all of the staff’s iPads and iPhones, and even company-provided iOS devices run into these problems. But because Afaria was originally designed for Windows, computers running Windows 7 (or earlier editions) run into no problems with Afaria. Furthermore, an extremely broad range of features and customization options is available to Afaria-enabled Windows computers, such as registry editing.

Our senior mobile developer/administrator, Seamaf Bchihalouk, recognized one of the major advantages of the new Windows 8 operating system soon to be released. Because Windows 8 is a universal OS in the sense that it can run on tablets as well as desktops, Afaria should be able to access a Windows 8 tablet (with the Afaria client installed) and have all of the features and customization options available for a Windows 8 desktop computer. Sure enough, after some testing, we here at Rapid were able to confirm that the entire suite of functions available on SAP Afaria 7.0 can be used in conjunction with a Windows 8 tablet.

The potential impact for developers, or any company that wishes to manage multiple devices for that matter, is huge. Because accessing Windows 8 devices with Afaria is so easy and fast, and because of the bevy of impressive functionalities Afaria provides for Windows operating systems, companies may choose to ditch the iPad and pick up Windows 8 tablets. “I’m very excited about Windows 8,″ Mr. Bchihalouk says. “It looks as if Mcrosoft will partner perfectly with SAP with the release of Windows 8.”

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