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Thứ Ba, 23 tháng 7, 2013

SLED/Healthcare East Client Engagement Director - SAP AG - United States

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Position Duties and Responsibilities:

List up to seven major duties and responsibilities of the position.

Also, estimate the amount of time spent on each activity. You do not have to account for 100% of the time spent and it may not exceed 100%. Typically, 60-95% of the duties and responsibilities will be captured below.

Duty 1 Assist / Lead Client Partner in the following: Develop account strategies for key accounts in a complex business environment, negotiate services contracts and close business.


Duty 2 Assist /Lead Client Partners in preparation for execution of account strategies through sales calls, bringing account escalations to successful resolutoin for SAP & Customer;, general objective/development management and account closing.


Duty 3 Assist / Lead Client Partners position/present SAP's services products and solution, implementation framework and methodologies to prospective customers and organize/lead appropriate resources to the account to achieve services sales/upgrade/additional revenue.


Duty 4 Prioritize customers for Client Partner to evaluate opportunities. Focus CP's to drive busines efforts; align CP skills & abilities to the best potential opportunity.

10 %

Duty 5 Develop staff, improve staff skills, manage employee reporting responsibilities; appropriately forecast revenue & bookings. Evaluate the Client Partner against their observable duties as outlined. Present feedback to support or improve performance.


Duty 6 Integrate with core consulting organization as member of extended leadership team


Specific areas of specialization:

Prior experience in services sales; managing a staff with quota acheivement or similar experience such as sales team leadership; business application software sales is helpful; preferably in analytics or enterprise performance management.

Minimum level of experience required for this position:

10 < 15 years

Minimum posting period: 14 business days.

This position requires consultation with others on very difficult decisions and shares responsibility for final decisions.

Input on company policy decisions is required in this position.

Formal responsibility for others:

Responsible for making recommendations within a department in the areas of compensation, staff selection, disciplinary action, complaints, staff performance appraisal, and similar supervisory duties. Assigns, and evaluates the work of subordinates.

Typical number of direct reports for this position (if applicable):

0 < 5 Employees

Typical number of reports within the positions structure (if applicable):

0 < 5 Employees

Candidate should have experience with State, Local, and Education market place.

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