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Thứ Hai, 27 tháng 5, 2013

SAP to sell carriers' mobile use data - ITWorld Canada

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SAP AG recently introduced a cloud-based service which uses its HANA in-memory cloud computing technology to crunch mobile user data collected by wireless carriers and sell the information for marketing purposes.

Carriers are already talking to SAP about the service called SAP Consumer Insights 365, which the enterprise resource planning software maker unveiled last week at the CTIA (The Wireless Trade Association) 2013 Wireless trade show in Las Vegas, according to John Sims, president of mobile services for SAP. Enterprise organizations, he said, could begin using the service within the next three months.

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SAP currently provides interconnection services to more than 1,000 mobile carriers worldwide. It processes SMS messages and provides Internet protocol services like data roaming through its processing hubs. The company plans to use Consumer Insights 365 to partner with carriers and share revenue from its sales of the data.

Since people use smart phones for many personal and business tasks these days, knowledge of their activity can be very valuable to companies seeking to reach out to these users with offers of new services or products.


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He said Consumer Insights 365 will collect information from carriers about what apps and mobile sites customers use, as well as when and where they use them.

The tool will not reveal the specific identity of users or connect them to the app or site used although the data will be broken down by demographic measures such as gender, age group, country, neighbourhood and time of day.

Carrier have traditionally sold their mobile usage data as a while through overpriced licenses that few companies buy, according to Guy Rolfe, head of mobile practice at consulting and advertising firm Kantar. Consumer Insights 365 offers the ability to slice and dice that large chunk of data into more relevant pieces of information for marketers.

For example, if a company bought a Super Bowl ad, Consumer Insights could help the company determine if Super Bowl viewers were watching their ads or those of a competitor during ad breaks. Retailers could also use the service to find out how many shoppers in their bricks-and-mortar stores visited a competitor’s Web site while in their facility.

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