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Thứ Sáu, 24 tháng 5, 2013

SAP Taps Carrier Data For Enterprise Consumption - RedOrbit

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May 24, 2013

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Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

Wireless networks have collected subscriber data for years, though most of the data gets archived and has typically gone underused. SAP has partnered with wireless carriers worldwide to pour the data into its HANA database, and let enterprise clients use the anonymous data to gain consumer insight.

The new platform, SAP Consumer Insight 365, is a cloud-based mobile service that allows brands, market researchers, media companies and enterprise businesses to gain consumer insight and analysis. SAP announced the new platform at CTIA 2013, the wireless industry tradeshow held in Las Vegas this week. Businesses can use the data to strengthen relationships with consumers and provide more targeted and contextual marketing messages.

Data from carriers offers insight into user characteristics such as location, demographics, clickstream and time of day. Through SAP’s HANA platform, the data is processed through advanced analytics, making it more searchable and usable for clients.

Carriers have collected user data since they first began signing users up for contracts. SAP is tapping into that store by partnering with carriers to provide data. SAP and the carriers have a revenue sharing agreement.

“It’s no cost to the carriers, it’s all margin for them,” Kevin Outcalt, head of SAP Consumer Insight 365 SAP Mobile Services, a division of SAP, told redOrbit in a briefing at CTIA.

Carriers are looking for new revenue streams and the deal with SAP brings in new money, while providing a service to enterprise.

“It’s a way to monetize. It’s not connectivity,” said Outcalt.

SAP Consumer Insight 365 is a big data play. However the data that subscribers gain from the system is entirely anonymous. SAP says the data is never given in volumes of less than 50 consumers and searches only offer the first two digits of a Zip Code. This allows subscribers to determine characteristics of their customer base, such as a geographical area from where their search results come from, but not information that can in any way identify the user.

Anonymized data offers insight in broad strokes. It allows marketers and businesses to gain insight into a user base, and target marketing messaging or focus product offerings. It does not allow advertisers to target any user directly.

Four key target data sets include location, demographics, clickstream and time of day. The data segments allow subscribers to gain insight into gender, age, geographic and demographic and other data.

SAP Consumer Insight 365 is offered by subscription. Users visit a search-based site to enter search parameters into a dashboard. Results are illustrated with graphical data sets and charts that help provide insight into the consumer.

A business, for example, can search to find out the typical age of visitors to a store location in a mall, or what time of day men in a targeted age group are more likely to be in a particular location. Businesses can use the data to plan ad campaigns, develop products, or better understand their consumers.

Source: Enid Burns for – Your Universe Online

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