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Thứ Tư, 29 tháng 5, 2013

SAP flexes innovation muscle and reiterates MENA investment focus - AME Info (press release)

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Qais Gharaibeh, UAE Managing Director, SAP MENA delivered a assured keynote at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, covering SAP business philosophy, technological innovation and the importance of MENA to the company's on-going growth plan.

"More than ever before, we have an extraordinary opportunity to use technology to make the world run better," he said.

"Consumers expect speed and agility, and they expect sophisticated information delivered to their fingertips as a radically simplified experience. In a better run world, connectivity, exponential data growth and a desire to communicate more effectively will inspire companies not only deliver business value but also generative value, expanding opportunities for themselves while also improving the lives of their customers and communities."

Gharaibeh said SAP is continually delivering on this front via a five-pronged approach, ramping up its investment and innovations in database and technology, mobile, analytics, applications, and the cloud. At the foundation of this multifaceted innovation strategy is SAP HANA, a revolutionary in-memory platform for real-time business.

Rapidly gaining in popularity across MENA, the technology, on which applica¬tions can be developed and deployed, has ena¬bled scores of customers across the globe to cope with the rise of big data and run in smarter, sim¬pler and faster ways.

"SAP is the only company that is continuously innovating across these five categories and driving breakthrough performance powered by SAP HANA," he added.

Gharaibeh went on to emphasise the centrality of MENA to SAP's global growth strategy of doubling its addressable market, reaching 1 billion people and generating global revenue of €20bn by 2015.

Since establishing a direct MENA presence in 2007, SAP MENA has expanded to nine offices across the region, amassed over 1,100 customers in 24 industries and increased its employee-base more than tenfold. Last year, the company recruited over 200 employees. Furthermore, SAP has more than 1400 qualified consultants under its Partner Edge Program and has trained more than 400 consultants from 81 partners in the last 6 months.

The company's growth momentum was boosted last March with a four-year additional MENA spend plan. Key targets include hiring more than 500 employees, tripling the company's existing con¬sulting capabilities, opening several new offices, as well as expanding its partner ecosystem and the influence of its vocation-inspiring Universi¬ty Alliances Program.

The plan also includes the region's first IT-spe¬cific Training and Development Center which is, among other things, accelerating and extending product localization and Arabization.

Within the first six months of operation, the Training and Development Center has significantly bolstered SAP's training capabilities and yielded influential localizations of SAP solutions such as Human Capital Management and Financial Services for the Public Sector.

Gharaibeh was also keen to highlight SAP's work in up-skilling and empowering local talent.

This includes the internationally acclaimed University Alliances program, which now counts 31 members across the region, encompassing 1,747 students and 201 trained lecturers. In the UAE alone, there are five alliances with 62 trained instructors and 309 active students.

Other key initiatives include the MENA Field Services- Young Professionals Program (YPP), which is now training 120 students in SAP solutions. In addition, SAP runs the Mawared program, a three month training resource program for young professionals and graduates aiming to become professional SAP consultants. 37 students graduated from the program this month.

Nick Brown, Senior Vice President, Mobile Strategy & Solution Management and Head of Emerging Markets, SAP, echoed the sentiments of Gharaibeh's keynote with a rallying cry for companies to adapt to new business realities.

"Mobile and social is the new dial tone. There are 1 billion networked users on social sites whose opinion matters. It can make or break business - 9 out of 10 people want something exciting and innovative or they won't buy into it," he said.

"This is a perfect storm of connectivity. Data is exploding and companies need to react in real-time to stay relevant and sustainable. SAP is ready to help businesses be deliberate and innovate with speed. SAP is ready to help you win in new ways."

Also on keynote duty was Majed Al Mutairi, President, SUG-MENA, a not-for-profit organisation set up to exchange SAP experiences, knowledge, best practices and industry expertise amongst peers.

"We provide a platform for members to influence SAP and drive future development of SAP products and services," he explained.

"We serve as an independent voice for SAP users in the MENA region and also provide a channel for SAP to communicate to users."

In addition to the keynotes the SAP Forum and the SUG-MENA Conference featured presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations and interactive breakout sessions on industry trends, market dynamics, cutting-edge SAP solutions and customer case studies from the likes of DUBAL, ETA Ascon Star Group, NDC, Schneider-Electric, Rasasi Perfumes Industy, Gulf Cement, OTE Group and Saudi Aramco.

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