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Chủ Nhật, 26 tháng 5, 2013

Business leaders and thought-leaders prepare to celebrate innovation at SAP ... - AME Info (press release)

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Held on 29 May at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center, the event will feature keynotes, presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations and interactive breakout sessions on industry trends, market dynamics, cutting-edge SAP solutions and customer case studies.

"Every day we are growing stronger in the UAE," said Qais Gharaibeh, UAE Managing Director, SAP MENA. "Today, there are unprecedented opportunities for value-driven innovation, and SAP is proud to be leading the way and investing with long-term ambition across the country. Together with our powerful, ever-growing ecosystem we are consistently helping businesses and organisations unlock new levels of business performance potential. We are thinking big, we are investing big and we are only just getting started."

Majed Al Muntairi, President, SUG-MENA, said, "SUG-MENA's main goal is to provide a platform for Middle East IT and business executives from a wide range of industries to discuss how SAP software solutions can help them proactively adapt to the region's rapidly evolving economic landscape and support long-term business sustainability."

"This event strives to provide rich and diverse content, with the aim of capturing the interests of SAP users, and incorporating suggestions and recommendations from attending members. It offers an ideal educational opportunity for SAP customers to attend demos, specific industry presentations, and interact with SAP solution experts on a one-to-one basis".

The event will kick off with welcoming keynotes on the company's vision and strategy for the UAE by Gharaibeh, and Majed Al Mutairi, President SAP Users Group (SUG) MENA, who will be sharing insight on value proposition of the user group to SAP's customer community.

They will be followed by an executive keynote by Nick Brown, Senior Vice President, Mobile Strategy & Solution Management and Head of Emerging Markets, SAP.

The diamond sponsor keynote will be delivered by Fujitsu.

A key part of the conference is a series and real-world implementation examples delivered by SAP customers including DUBAL, ETA Ascon Star Group, NDC, Schneider-Electric, Rasasi Perfumes Industy, Gulf Cement, OTE Group and Saudi Aramco.

Other highlights include micro-forums with a strong focus on HANA, SAP's groundbreaking in-memory, real-time data platform.

Since launching globally in June 2011, HANA, on which applica¬tions can be developed and deployed, has ena-bled scores of customers across the globe to cope with the rise of big data and run in smarter, sim¬pler and faster ways.

In January this year, SAP unveiled SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, which is the only business platform in the world to successfully combine transactional applications with analytics in-memory. This was followed in May with the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service.

There will also be a spotlight on industry-specific challenges and rapid deployment solutions for key SAP technologies such as enterprise mobility, Human Capital Management, Customer Resource Management and analytics.

In addition, a series of interactive sessions will examine the power and potential of SAP's enterprise mobility, cloud and SME solutions.

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